Karcher Rim Cleaner 500ml
Karcher Rim Cleaner 500ml
Karcher Rim Cleaner 500ml
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Karcher Rim Cleaner 500ml


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With maximum cleaning power and quick-action formula this Karcher Rim Cleaner helps remove all kinds of dirt picked up by all common rim types while on the road.

  • Premium cleaner for all types of steel and light metal rims
  • Removes brake dust, tyre wear, winter salt deposits, snow and slush deposits.
  • Acid-free and gentle
  • Automatically effective
  • Reaches even the smallest corners and tightest angles
  • Short contact time
  • With performance indicator. The reddish colour change indicates how the cleaning agent is taking effect over time
  • Ready to use cleaning agent (RTU)
  • Tensides biodegradable in accordance with OECD

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