Evo-Stik Evoset Frostproofer 5L
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Evo-Stik Evoset Frostproofer 5L

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Product Description

Evo-stik Evo-Set is liquid admixture based on calcium chloride for concrete mixes, which produces considerable acceleration in setting and hardening rates over a wide range of set temperatures

The use of Evo-Set allows a quicker development of strength compared with the same mix without Evo-Set under otherwise identical conditions. This increased speed of development result from a considerable increase in the rate of evolution of heat achieved by acceleration of the reaction between cement and water

Evo-Set causes concrete to have a higher ultimate strength after placement in addition to greatly increased early strength which is partly as a result of reduced water/cement ratio

Evo-Stick is a popular brand among tradespeople in Kilkenny.

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