Homevalue’s Top 4 Exterior Painting Tips

by Cathal Treacy on March 14, 2019


1. Weather – Consider Mother Nature

What better way to not succeed with painting the exterior of your home than running a foul of the infamous Irish weather (even in sunny Kilkenny). The last thing you want to have to do after buying your exterior paint is to have to take a rain check. So it is important to select a dry time of the year when there is little rain. This is easier said than done here in Ireland.

The Homevalue Exterior Painting Guide - Top Tip - Accu weather app is very useful as it updates the weather in real time.


2. Quality Is King

The quality of your paint is paramount when it comes to painting the exterior of your home. You should aim for a quality paint brand like Dulux Weathershield or Colourtrend Weather. Some "must haves" to look out for when shopping for exterior paint is to check and see if it is 100 % acrylic latex, some exterior paints have special additives that can resist mould and mildew formation.


The Homevalue Exterior Painting Guide - Top Tip - Look for a top quality 100% acrylic latex paint


3. Tools For The Job

Preparation is key when painting the exterior of your home. To help guarantee a successful paint job Homevalue strongly recommend investing in good quality tools for prep and finish, which can save you time and offer a more professional result. Essential tools to look out for include work gloves, a stiff brush, a paint scraper, a putty knife,a laminated dust sheet to protect the ground, sandpaper for preparation work, as well as quality brushes and rollers. The tools needed will cost approximately 60 euro. And spending that little bit more on quality products will ensure the longevity of the tools for reuse.


The Homevalue Exterior Painting Guide - Top Tip - Preparation is key, make sure you have all the tools you require to complete the job before you begin painting.



In terms of the costs incurred for painting the exterior of your home a 10 litre bucket of Dulux paint will cover up to 150 square metres with 1 coat. So if your home was, for example 300 square meters, you would be required to purchase two 10 litre buckets of exterior paint to do 1 coats of paint. Our top tip would be to keep an eye out for sales. This summer for a limited time only Treacy's Homevalue are offering 10 litre buckets of Dulux Colours for €64.95 each.


4. Start Rolling From Top To Bottom

Conventionally success begins at the bottom and you climb your way up but with painting the rollers are reversed. The technique that you apply to painting the exterior of your home will determine your success. A roller lets you paint large areas in less time. You will need a roller extension for exterior walls and you should start working the roller from the top down of your exterior walls as this helps control streaks, as you will be working with gravity rather than against it. Drips will be inevitable along the way but this method will allow you to rule out mishaps in the direction you are working.


The Homevalue Exterior Painting Guide - Top Tip - Always start painting with your roller from the top down



Feel free to leave a comment below with your own tips for painting the exterior of your home and remember if it rains, don't blame us!

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