5 Garden Design Ideas for a Well-Groomed Garden

by Cathal Treacy on May 02, 2019

1. Bring Your Garden to Life with a Lick of Paint

There was a time when the most exciting colour you would see in an Irish garden was a pair of particularly flashy jocks hanging on a clothes-line. Then Ronseal Garden Paint came along and changed the game. Walking into some gardens in Kilkenny these days, is like stumbling into a work by the artist Banksy.

Ronseal have introduced a range of paints for garden wood that really add vibrancy to your garden. You could paint your fence a smooth Cornflour Blue, your shed a quirky Lime Zest and to round it all of you could paint your tables and chairs a cream colour Puff Daddy would be proud of. Check out our garden paint and woodcare range here.


2. Nothing says, “My Garden Is The Place To Be” like Decorative Lights 

Decorative lights is to the garden equivalent of a tuxedo T-Shirt. It says, “my garden is formal, but it is also great for a party”. Lights are great to brighten up a garden and make those long-summer evenings feel even longer and brighter.

3. Create the Pitch Perfect Lawn 

When it comes to garden design ideas quite a few people overlook the piece de resistance of any good garden, the lawn or as we on the fairer side of the Atlantic call it, the grass. Getting the perfect grass is not rocket science, but it does require a bit of elbow grease and a dash of brain power. You need a good lawnmower, decent fertiliser and a good water distribution system (or hose).

A dull blade on a lawnmower is to your lawn what a heavy shoulder tackle is to a Premiership footballer, devastating. A dull blade rips the grass causing unhealthy tears and can even cause disease or fungal growth. Any good lawnmower should have a blade that can be easily popped out and sharpened with a hand file. Remember your blade does not need to be razor-sharp, you are not cutting diamonds! 

When it comes to lawn feed it is best to go with a trusted brand like Westland or Hytrol. They have a range of products that will give Mother Nature a helping push so that your grass will look healthy, green and strong.


4. Some Snazzy Looking Garden Furniture

There is such a wide array of garden furniture on the market these days that you could swing down to your local hardware store and find garden sets that wouldn’t look out of place in 15th Century Versailles.

The rattan sets are very popular, but if you really want to push the boat out you can go for something like a hanging egg chair or the Janeiro 6 Seater Set. If you want to get garden furniture that you can add your own style to with a paint brush and some funky paint, go with garden furniture made from solid wood.


Landscaping with Decorative Stones

When people think of landscaping with decorative stones, they conjure up images of professional gardeners and get nervous about large sums of money changing hands. Decorative stones can be surprisingly affordable and can easily be used by home gardeners and DIY enthusiasts. 

Decorative stones can be used to fill in boring gaps between your lawn and fences, they can be used to add colour and personality to your garden, or some people like to mix and match with paving stepstones to create winding paths around a garden. 
Before purchasing decorative stones make sure you have a sturdy wheelbarrow and a shovel.


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