Cargo Framing Gloves

  • €12,85

Cargo Carpenter's Pro Framing Glove is a very comfortable, but tough and durable glove, with the index, middle and thumb finger tops exposed for using a pencil, or added dexterity if working with small fittings. The Lycra Leather combination not only offers a stylish glove but also a hardwearing non-restrictive work glove. A neoprene wrist and Velcro closure, helps secure but comfortable fit. The padded palm has a high performance PVC Grip. All in all, this is a really good glove that allows the user freedom to work. Cargo Workwear is a popular brand among tradespeople in Kilkenny.

  • Comfortable Framing Glove
  • Tough & Durable
  • 3 Open Fingered Glove
  • Tough Lycra And Leather
  • High Performance PVC Grip
  • Neoprene Wrist
  • Velcro Closure
  • Padded Palm

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